Our company always implements the principle of "one main line and three supports", and strongly guarantees product quality. That is to say, with the main line of ISO9001 international quality assurance system running well, strengthen the 4S management of various departments, support the quality of boiler and pressure vessel main engine, strengthen the management of auxiliary machinery and components, support the quality of boiler auxiliary machinery and pressure vessel components, strengthen the quality monitoring after the products leave factory, and improve the on-site service of users. Timely support the quality of after-sales service. Finally, ensure the overall quality and operation effect of the boiler and pressure vessel.

Pre-sale Service

Contact Negotiation: Communicate with customers to understand customer needs.

Take every customer seriously, everything from the customer's point of view, solve problems for customers, talk to customers in time, and understand the customer's production needs. You can tell us your needs through online consultation, telephone +86-13506151306, email or website message, we will reply your information with fast speed and excellent service.

Solution design: Design a cost-effective solution from the customer's point of view.

After fully understanding the customer's demand for production capacity, raw materials and customer investment cost, our senior design team will analyze it, discuss, design, and develop a good production plan according to the customer's specific situation. , economic production projects to ensure that their profits are enlarged.

Sales Service

Production tracking: Keep up with production and strictly guarantee product quality.

We have a global order management system that keeps track of the production process of the products, guarantees the quality of the products while minimizing the production cycle, and strictly checks the products to provide customers with high quality, high efficiency and high quality products.

Site visit: intuitive impression Fully understood.

The company's business staff will take you on a tour of our manufacturing lines, advanced manufacturing equipment and modern product showrooms. Let you have a more intuitive impression of our production scale and product equipment. At the same time, we can accompany you to visit some of our customers' production sites, and combine the 3D simulation video of the work site with professional technical explanations to give you a clearer understanding of the entire production line workflow.

After-sale Service

Installation and commissioning: one-stop service, full guidance

Our company assigns special after-sales service personnel free of charge, arrives at the site to guide customers to install and debug, until successful, and trains the operators free of charge until the customer can fully operate the production. In addition, the senior technicians of the company are sent to the customer to assist the customer in designing the equipment layout plan, and the layout is reasonable and the cost is low.

Regular return visits: Keep up with product health and solve problems in the first place.

After the equipment is put into operation, we will follow up and return to the customer from time to time to understand the current operation status, capacity, wearing parts and problems encountered by customers, solve problems and give more technology in the first time. guide. We will also analyze and analyze some of the customer feedback, feedback to the R&D department for optimal design, and fully apply advanced technology to production practices to provide customers with better and more compliant products.

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