DHS angle tube gas-fired boiler

DHS angle tube gas-fired boiler


1, The boiler is arranged vertically, with compact structure and small floor space.

2, The boiler expands in the height direction to make effective use of space. Conducive to boiler water circulation and fuel burnout.

3, you can set up a rainproof shed without the need to build a boiler room.

4, the furnace full-film wall structure, the boiler has good sealing performance and strong anti-riot ability.

5, large diameter drop pipe, water circulation high speed, water cycle is unique and safe, each heated surface is heated at the same time, the temperature difference stress is small.

6, the drum is external, the water circulation is good, the start is fast, and the load response is good.

7, The boiler automatically produces ash continuously.

8, The number of joints on the site is small, the installation is simple and quick, and the installation cost is reduced.

9, The boiler insulation layer is thick, the appearance temperature is low, and the heat loss is small.

10, The boiler is beautiful and tidy.


Steam boilers are commonly used in thermal power plants, such as coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, biomass boilers, natural gas boilers, gas boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers. With the increase of clean and environmental protection, the use of natural gas boiler power generation is also increasing.

Corner tube boiler technology is a high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection products introduced by our company. Through digestion and absorption of the imported corner tube boiler technology, its product technology has been widely used in the field of solid fuel boiler after years of continuous development based on China's national conditions (fuel, water quality).

On the basis of summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of existing gas boiler technology, the company has successfully developed a new type of gas boiler technology based on the combustion characteristics and heat transfer characteristics of gas boiler.

Technical data

Model Rated evaporation(t/h) Rated working pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature(℃) Thermal efficien(%)
DHS35-3.82/450-Q 35 3.82 450 >98
DHS35-5.3/485-Q 35 5.3 485 >98
DHS40-3.82/450-Q 40 3.82 450 >98
DHS40-5.3/485-Q 40 5.3 485 >98
DHS45-3.82/450-Q 45 3.82 450 >98
DHS45-5.3/485-Q 45 5.3 485 >98
DHS50-3.82/450-Q 50 3.82 450 >98
DHS50-5.3/485-Q 50 5.3 485 >98
DHS65-3.82/450-Q 65 3.82 450 >98
DHS65-5.3/485-Q 65 5.3 485 >98
DHS75-3.82/450-Q 75 3.82 450 >98 
DHS75-5.3/485-Q 75 5.3 485 >98 

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