SHL double drum bulk chain grate boiler

SHL double drum bulk chain grate boiler


1, before and after the arch by arch design, and highly export mix to form a clear inverted "α" flue gas flow boiler coal adaptability.

2, The front and rear arches of the boiler are water-cooled “warm arch” structure. The arching pipe not only plays the role of “strength” strength, but also plays the role of balancing the temperature of the furnace arch and protecting the furnace arch.

3, The boiler adopts double-side air inlet independent air chamber structure, which can flexibly adjust the air volume and wind pressure of each air chamber to ensure the combustion effect.

4, Push-pull gate ash cleaning device is adopted. The ram is a heat-resistant cast iron finishing surface structure, which effectively prevents secondary combustion deformation and grate leakage.

5, the chain grate introduced German technology - isobaric chamber technology.

6, The unique secondary air structure is adopted to effectively improve the aerodynamic field in the furnace, and lead the hot particles to the front arch, which is beneficial to the ignition and ignition of the fuel, and also prolongs the residence time of the fuel in the furnace. Improve fuel adaptability and utilization.


SHL series bulk boilers are two-cylinder horizontally arranged natural circulation water tube boilers. The boiler consists of a furnace consisting of front and rear horizontal walls and a boiler body consisting of upper and lower drums and convection tubes. The tail is equipped with an economizer and an air preheater. The combustion equipment is a scale type grate, stepless speed control, bulk factory, and on-site assembly masonry.

China is a country rich in coal, gas, and oil. This energy structure determines China's coal-based energy consumption pattern. China is under the dual pressure of energy shortage and environmental pollution. Relatively speaking, China's coal resources are relatively abundant. Moreover, the large amount of cheap labor available in China makes the coal mining cost relatively low, and the price of coal is relatively low. This is the primary reason why coal has become the main source of energy production and consumption in China.

The basic structure of the SHL coal-fired boiler consists of the upper drum, the lower drum, the water wall, the convection tube bundle, the economizer, and the air preheater. The front part of the boiler is composed of water-cooled walls, and the front and rear water-cooled walls form a front and rear water-cooled arch. A convection tube bundle is arranged between the upper and lower drums. The tube bundle is provided with a transverse partition to allow the flue gas to flow laterally. The economizer and air are arranged at the tail of the boiler. Preheater. The burning equipment adopts a scale chain grate, which is divided into a ventilated structure and is sensitive to adjustment. The boiler has many advantages such as sufficient output, high thermal efficiency, stable and reliable operation, strong overload capacity, wide applicability of fuel, energy saving and environmental protection.

Technical data

Model Rated evaporation (t/h) Working pressure(MPa) Steam temperature(℃) Feed water temperature / return water temperature(℃)
SHL10-1.25-M 10 1.25 194 105
SHL10-1.60-M 10 1.6 204 105
SHL10-2.45-M 10 2.45 225 105
SHL15-1.25-M 15 1.25 194 105
SHL15-1.60-M 15 1.6 204 105
SHL15-2.50-M 15 2.5 225 105
SHL20-1.25-M 20 1.25 194 105
SHL20-1.60-M 20 1.6 204 105
SHL20-2.50-M 20 2.5 225 105
SHL25-1.25-M 25 1.25 194 105
SHL25-1.60-M 25 1.6 204 105
SHL25-2.50-M 25 2.5 225 105
SHL30-1.25-M 30 1.25 194 105
SHL30-1.60-M 30 1.6 204 105
SHL30-2.50-M 30 2.5 225 105
SHL35-1.25-M 35 1.25 194 105
SHL35-1.60-M 35 1.6 204 105
SHL35-2.50-M 35 2.5 225 105

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