DHL series coal-fired hot water boiler

DHL series coal-fired hot water boiler


1, The boiler furnace is all welded diaphragm wall structure, the convection heating surface is a flag heating surface structure, and the heating surface is sufficient. For example, the 10t/h boiler body income surface reaches 275 square meters, and the convective income area smoke flow reaches four processes. There are two more processes than ordinary boilers, which are low boiler exhaust gas temperature and low heat loss from exhaust gas.

2, the boiler adopts the membrane wall structure to prevent the air leakage phenomenon, so that the excess air coefficient of the heating surface is only 1.3-1.5, which makes the smoke loss low and reduces the power consumption of the fan.

3, the boiler insulation layer is thick, and the heat loss is small.

4, the drum is external, not subject to heat, to avoid the heat of the drum, completely eliminate the bulge. Safe and reliable long-term use.

5, the front, middle and back of the boiler have large diameter drop pipe, which is unique in water circulation, safe, clear circuit, water can enter the heating surface along the best path to ensure good water circulation. Each heated surface is heated at the same time, and the temperature difference stress is small.

6, the steam quality is good, the unique water cycle is that the soda water begins to pre-separate before entering the drum, after entering the drum, and then separated by the secondary separator.

7, the drum is external, the water circulation is good. When the boiler is heated, it generates enough circulating power to make the boiler have the characteristics of quick start and good load response. The utility model overcomes the shortcomings of the common coal-fired boilers having a long furnace time and a large coal consumption, so that the operating cost of the boiler is lowered.


DHL series coal-fired hot water boiler is a new type of boiler. The boiler downcomer is arranged at the four corners of the boiler, not only as a water circulation passage, but also as a support frame for the boiler, and a boiler having such a corner that is not subjected to a heat drop pipe and having a self-supporting is called a corner tube type boiler. The boiler drum is external, the furnace is a fully enclosed membrane wall structure, the convective heating surface adopts a flag tube structure, no steel frame, the water cycle is unique and safe, and the startup is rapid, which is an energy-saving product and can be used as a common combustion. Coal boiler alternatives.

Technical data

Model Rated thermal power(MW) Working pressure(MPa) Rated output water temperature(℃) Rated inlet temperature(℃)
DHL29-1.25/130/70-AⅡ 29 1.25 130 70
DHL46-1.6/150/90-AⅡ 46 1.6 150 90
DHL58-1.6/150/90-AⅡ 58 1.6 150 90
DHL70-1.6/150/90-AⅡ 70 1.6 150 90

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