SHX series CFB(circulating fluidized bed) boiler

SHX series CFB(circulating fluidized bed) boiler


1. Wide fuel adaptability

In a circulating fluidized bed boiler, the fuel accounts for only about 3% of the bed material, and the rest is non-combustible solid particles. The special hydrodynamic characteristics of the circulating fluidized bed boiler make the gas-solid and solid mixing very good. Therefore, the fuel is quickly mixed with a large amount of bed material after entering the furnace, and the fuel is rapidly accelerated to the ignition temperature, while the bed temperature is not significantly lowered. Therefore, all coal types can be stably burned therein. When the coal is changed during operation, the combustion equipment and the boiler body can achieve higher combustion efficiency without any modification.

2. High combustion efficiency

The fundamental difference between a circulating fluidized bed boiler and other types of boilers is the combustion system. The combustion system of a circulating fluidized bed boiler consists of a combustion chamber, a material collector and a return feeder. The high-temperature material enters the material collector under the entrainment of the airflow, and the material that has been mourned enters the returning device, and is sent back to the combustion chamber through the returning device to perform multiple combustions, so the combustion efficiency is high.

3. Large load adjustment range and fast load regulation

Load changes often occur in boiler operation. When the load drops below 70%, the combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency of other types of boilers will be significantly reduced and the combustion will be unstable, sometimes even unable to maintain normal combustion. The circulating fluidized bed boiler only needs to adjust the amount of coal to be supplied, the amount of air and the amount of recycled material, so the load can be adjusted between 30% and 110%. In addition, due to the high cross-section wind speed and easy heat absorption control, the load regulation rate of the circulating fluidized bed boiler is also very fast, generally up to 4% per minute.

4. Clean combustion technology

The circulating fluidized bed boiler adds limestone to the furnace for simple desulfurization in the furnace. When the ratio of calcium to sulfur is 2, the desulfurization efficiency can reach 80% or more. Due to the use of graded air supply and low temperature combustion during operation, the amount of NOx produced is extremely low. Therefore, SOX and NOX emissions are greatly reduced, and the atmosphere and environmental quality are improved.

5. Easy to realize comprehensive utilization of ash

The circulating fluidized bed boiler belongs to low-temperature combustion, and the excellent burning conditions in the furnace make the ash content of the boiler low in carbon content, which is low-temperature burning and easy to realize comprehensive utilization.

6. The buried surface of the tube is not arranged in the bed.

The heated surface of the buried pipe is not arranged in the bed of the circulating fluidized bed boiler, so there is no problem of wear of the heated surface of the buried pipe. Therefore, since there is no buried heating surface in the bed, it is easy to start and stop the furnace, and can be directly started after a long time of pressing.


SHX series cfb(circulating fluidized bed) boiler is the fourth generation circulating fluidized bed steam boiler developed by our company. It can not only burn general coal and biomass particles, but also burn anthracite, lean coal, bituminous coal, coal gangue, chain slag, gas. Inferior fuel such as slag and sulfur-containing high-altitude fuel, and can meet environmental protection requirements.

The product combustion chamber and vortex separator consist of a membrane water wall. The vortex separator is located at the upper part of the combustion chamber, and a return device is arranged on the left side of the furnace. All the small particles in the furnace whose terminal speed is lower than the velocity of the flue gas move upward with the flue gas. After entering the cyclone separator, the particles larger than the cutting particle diameter are separated. A material seal is formed in the return passage, and then sent to the furnace and mixed with the hot bed material by the membrane type porous semi-autogenous returning device for repeated cycle combustion. The separator adopts a membrane wall to form a separator skeleton, and the structure is stable. The combustion device adopts a hood and a porous form to make the cloth uniform and the fluidization quality is uniform and stable. By adding limestone to the furnace, it can significantly reduce the corrosion of sulfur to the equipment and meet environmental requirements.

Technical data

Model Boiler capacity (th) Working pressure(MPA) output temperature(℃) Feed water temperature(℃)
SHX10-1.25-AⅠ 10 1.25 194 105
SHX10-1.60-AⅠ 10 1.6 204 105
SHX10-2.50-AⅠ 10 2.5 225 105
SHX15-1.25-AⅠ 15 1.25 194 106
SHX15-1.60-AⅠ 15 1.6 204 106
SHX15-2.50-AⅠ 15 2.5 225 106
SHX20-1.25-AⅠ 20 1.25 194 107
SHX20-1.60-AⅠ 20 1.6 204 107
SHX20-2.50-AⅠ 20 2.5 225 107
SHX25-1.25-AⅠ 25 1.25 194 108
SHX25-1.60-AⅠ 25 1.6 204 108
SHX25-2.50-AⅠ 25 2.5 225 108
SHX30-1.25-AⅠ 30 1.25 194 109
SHX30-1.60-AⅠ 30 1.6 204 109
SHX30-2.50-AⅠ 30 2.5 225 109
SHX35-1.25-AⅠ 35 1.25 194 110
SHX35-1.60-AⅠ 35 1.6 204 110
SHX35-2.50-AⅠ 35 2.5 225 110
SHX65-1.25-AⅠ 65 1.25 194 111
SHX-1.60-AⅠ 65 1.6 204 111
SHX65-2.50-AⅠ 65 2.5 225 111
SHX75-1.25-AⅠ 75 1.25 194 112
SHX75-1.60-AⅠ 75 1.6 204 112
SHX75-2.50-AⅠ 75 2.5 225 112

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