DHX series CFB(circulating fluidized bed) boiler

DHX series CFB(circulating fluidized bed) boiler


1. Wide adaptability of fuel:

DHX series cfb(circulating fluidized bed) boiler can not only use flammable coal such as bituminous coal or lignite as fuel, but also burn non-combustible coal such as anthracite as fuel. Waste slag can be comprehensively utilized. The carbon content of slag is generally below 2%. It can burn biomass fuel such as bark and garbage.

2. High combustion efficiency:

Due to the violent mass and heat exchange in the fluidized bed, the unburned coal particles can increase the residence time in the furnace through multiple cycles, which is very beneficial to the fuel burnout, and the combustion efficiency is greatly enhanced.

3. Low pollution emissions:

DHX series cfb(circulating fluidized bed) boiler can obtain up to 80%-90% desulfurization under the appropriate calcium-sulfur ratio and limestone particle size. At the same time, due to the lower combustion temperature, the graded air supply is used to make the boiler of this type burn. The nitrogen oxides are also much lower than the pulverized coal furnace. Therefore, its sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions are low, and environmental performance is greatly enhanced.


DHX series circulating fluidized bed boiler is an energy-saving circulating fluidized bed combustion technology based on fluid state reconstruction, which overcomes the problems of high power consumption and high wear of conventional circulating fluidized bed boilers. The use of the circulating fluidized bed boiler plant can reduce electricity consumption by at least 30%, while the boiler wear is greatly reduced, the boiler availability is increased, and the maintenance and repair costs are correspondingly reduced.

DHX series circulating fluidized bed boiler is based on the advantages of domestic and foreign circulating fluidized bed boilers. By reducing the cycle rate and optimizing the structure of key parts, it effectively solves the problem of boiler wear, coking blockage of the returning device, and boiler original. The high concentration of dust and the difficulty of slag discharge make the original circulating fluidized bed boiler improved and improved, so that the structure of the boiler is more reasonable, the performance is better, and the operation is safer and more reliable.

Technical data

Model Rated Thermal Power t/h Working Pressure MPA Rated Output Water Temperature ℃ Thermal Efficiency %
DHX35-1.25-M 35 1.25 194 89
DHX50-1.25-M 50 1.25 194 89
DHX75-1.25-M 75 1.25 194 89
ZZ-35/3.82-M 35 3.82 450 89
ZZ-50/3.82-M 50 3.82 450 89
ZZ-65/3.82-M 65 3.82 450 91
ZZ-75/3.82-M 75 3.82 450 91
ZZ-75/5.3-M 75 5.3 485 91

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