SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler

SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler


In the structural design of the biomass boiler, compared with the traditional boiler furnace space, the secondary air is arranged at the same time, and a reasonable aerodynamic field is formed to ensure the residence time of the flue gas in the furnace to prevent the fine carbon particles from being taken out of the furnace. A large amount of volatile matter which is instantaneously precipitated when the biomass fuel is burned is sufficiently burned.

1, the double cylinder vertically arranged up and down, the flue gas transverse scour the convection tube, the heat transfer effect is better.

2, the horizontal three return water pipe structure has the advantages of fast start up, stable steam pressure, sufficient output and good steam quality.

3, The combustion chamber is large, the combustion process is stable, the fuel combustion is full, the boiler itself smoke and dust removal effect is good, thermal efficiency is high;

4, The convective heating surface is equipped with soot blowing device. It is very convenient to clean up the fouling inside the boiler and the pipe without stopping the furnace. It is very convenient for maintenance.

5, the warehouse type double side air supply device can be independently adjusted to adapt to the combustion characteristics of the chain grate.

6, it is easy to operate, smooth in operation, fast in temperature rise, full in output and suitable for wide variety of coal.

7, it can run continuously for 24 hours, which is most suitable for continuous steam supply enterprises.


Biomass boiler is a kind of boiler, which is a boiler that uses biomass energy as fuel. It is divided into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass heat transfer oil furnace and so on.

SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler is a single-drum longitudinal chain grate boiler. It is suitable for combustion molding biomass fuels, as well as pure coal or co-firing coal and shaped biomass fuels. There is an economizer at the end. The excluded ash and slag can be directly used as farmyard manure, and it is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. It is equipped with a blasting fan for mechanical ventilation, and is equipped with a spiral slag machine to achieve mechanical slagging. The control and monitoring instruments are complete, and the boiler operation is safe and reliable.

Technical data

Model Rated thermal power(t/h) Rated working pressure(MPa) Steam temperature Feed water temperature
SZL6-1.25-M 6 1.25 194 20
SZL6-1.60-M 6 1.6 204 20
SZL6-2.45-M 6 2.45 225 20
SZL8-1.25-M 8 1.25 194 20
SZL8-1.60-M 8 1.6 204 20
SZL8-2.45-M 8 2.45 225 20
SZL10-1.25-M 10 1.25 194 20
SZL10-1.60-M 10 1.6 204 20
SZL10-2.45-M 10 2.45 225 20
SZL20-1.25-M 20 1.25 194 20
SZL20-1.60-M 20 1.6 204 20
SZL20-2.45-M 20 2.45 225 20
SZL30-1.25-M 30 1.25 194 20
SZL30-1.60-M 30 1.6 204 20
SZL30-2.45-M 30 2.45 225 20

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