SZL series biomass-fired hot water boiler

SZL series biomass-fired hot water boiler


1, The boiler body is designed with double drum, single layer layout, compact structure and large heating area. The heating surface of the boiler is 10% more than the same type of product. It has the advantages of sufficient output, safety and reliability, short construction period and low installation cost.

2, There is a cyclone chamber in the furnace to reduce the dust content of the flue gas. At the same time, the hot carbon black particles are further burned, which improves the boiler thermal efficiency, reduces the blackness of the flue gas, and reaches the requirements of a class of environmental protection areas.

3, the grate uses patented technology such as small roller structure and side grate, which greatly improves the reliability of boiler operation.

4, Closed type air chamber, double side grate air conditioning device, is a national patent protection technology, using mechanically processed cone sealing structure to improve the sensitivity of the grate.

5, it can be equipped with the stratified combustion device and other energy-saving equipment promoted by the country according to user requirements.


SZL series biomass-fired hot water boiler, which is arranged in a vertical position with a double drum, and the combustion method is a chain grate. The boiler is fueled with biomass-forming solid fuel. The water wall of the wall on both sides of the furnace adopts a membrane water wall structure; the water wall tubes of the front and rear walls of the furnace extend downward to the upper part of the grate to form front and rear arches, which not only increases the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increases the volume and the heating surface of the furnace. The strength of the rear arch is reinforced. After the furnace, there is a burning chamber, a convection tube bundle, and an economizer at the tail. The flue gas enters the tail flue through the furnace, the combustion chamber, the convection tube bundle, and the economizer, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector, the induced draft fan, and the chimney. The front wall is equipped with secondary air, controlled by a valve, put into use when burning biomass fuel, strengthens combustion, fully burns the fuel, and improves combustion efficiency. A higher feed port is used to meet the needs of biomass fuels. SZL series biomass-fired hot water boiler fuel is biomass forming fuel or bituminous coal.

Technical data

Model Rated thermal power(MW) Rated working pressure(MPa) Rated output water temperature(℃) Return water temperature(℃)
SZL4.2-1.0/115/70-M 4.2 1 115 70
SZL5.6-1.0/115/70-M 5.6 1.0 115 70
SZL5.6-1.25/130/70-M 5.6 1.25 130 70
SZL7.0-1.0/115/70-M 7 1.0 115 70
SZL7.0-1.25/130/70-M 7 1.25 130 70
SZL14-1.0/115/70-M 14 1.0 115 70
SZL14-1.25/130/70-M 14 1.25 130 70
SZL21-1.0/115/70-M 21 1.0 115 70
SZL21-1.25/130/70-M 21 1.25 130 70

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