DZL series biomass-fired steam boiler

DZL series biomass-fired steam boiler


1. the type of boiler is horizontal fast installed water and fire tube boiler and working fluid natural circulation.

The heat exchange system of the boiler is composed of a drum, a left and right header and a water wall. The main heating surface is water wall of the furnace, and part of the drum and convection tube bundles in the drum. This product is made up of five parts: boiler main body, flue gas duct, economizer, dust collector, pipeline system. The first four parts have been manufactured in the factory, and can be transported to the installation site for assembly, which can greatly shorten the installation cycle and ensure the quality of product installation.

2. design performance is advanced:

The boiler is mainly made of seamless steel tubes with low medium pressure boiler tubes. The boiler is made of special steel plate for boiler. The left and right header boxes are made of seamless steel tubes.

3. boiler arch is made of refractory concrete. Its rear arch is low and long, so it is well burning. The two wing flue and side wall brick adopt refractory sintered brick. The general refractory bricks are used for the front wall and the back wall of the boiler.

4. the distribution of the grate is reasonable, the combustion chamber is large, and the applicability of the coal is strong. It is suitable for all kinds of bituminous coal or anthracite and mixed coal. Full combustion. Because the high temperature flue gas first enters the settling chamber, and then enters the two wings flue and the front smoke box from both sides, the smoke and dust removal effect is good.

5. The water circulation is simple, the structure of the compressed parts is reasonable, and it can run safely under the condition of ensuring the water quality.

6. the combustion equipment is fast installed grate. The combustion equipment is manufactured and installed in the factory, and transported directly to the site after being transported to the site. It has a reasonable structure, compact, low steel consumption, so that the boiler performance, weight, structural size compared with the same capacity of domestic products with obvious advancement.


Biomass boiler fuel has a wide range of sources and is a renewable green energy source. It contains almost no sulfur and less ash. Its growth process can absorb all the CO2 generated by the combustion process and achieve zero CO2 emission. Biomass energy will gradually replace coal and become one of the main energy sources. Biomass fuels include straw, wood shoots, bamboo wood processing waste, grain shell skin, fruit shells, sugar residue, oil residue, and the like. According to its shape and size, it can be divided into three types: chip (<3mm), sheet (<50mm), and strip (>50mm).

Since 2008, our company has jointly developed biomass boilers with famous domestic universities and colleges, absorbed advanced technology from domestic and foreign counterparts, and continuously improved them in practice. At present, mature and stable technology and products have been widely used. According to the characteristics and shape and size of different biomass, we have developed four combustion modes, i.e. fixed grate, movable grate, chain grate and chamber combustion, horizontal pipe, single longitudinal and double longitudinal, and four series of biomass fuel boilers. Unlike coal-fired boilers, the main features of our biomass-fired boilers are as follows: by designing and arranging secondary air in the furnace, disturbing the power of flue gas, timely replenishing volatile oxygen, improving thermal efficiency and reducing emissions. Reasonable design ensures the protection of arch and rear grate, and avoids periodic micro explosion in furnace. For water-containing waste, the length of preheating section is increased, effective heat source is provided for heating or hot flue gas is directly put into high temperature section. A large number of heating surfaces are arranged in the furnace to solve the problem of excessive peak load of gas consumption or easily coking components such as glue in waste. There are many kinds of scrap, such as lump, strip, chip, powder, and so on. A variety of feeding modes and a single feeding mode are designed for users to choose.

Technical data

Model Rated thermal power(t/h/MW) Rated working pressure(MPa) Steam temperature/Rated output water temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%)
DZL1-0.7-M 1/0.7 0.7 170 79
DZL1-1.0-M 1/0.7 1.0 184 79
DZL2-1.0-M 2/1.4 1.0 184 79
DZL2-1.25-M 2/1.4 1.25 194 79
DZL2-1.57-M 2/1.4 1.57 204 79
DZL2-2.45-M 2/1.4 2.45 225 79
DZL4-1.25-M 4/2.8 1.25 194 79
DZL4-1.57-M 4/2.8 1.57 204 79
DZL4-2.45-M 4/2.8 2.45 225 79
DZL6-1.25-M 6/4.2 1.25 194 79
DZL6-1.60-M 6/4.2 1.6 204 79

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