Zozen steam boiler in Africa

Abstract: Steam boiler plus thermal fluid heater, golden partner benefits Mauritius customer again.

One set of 10 tph, 13kg pressure coal-fired boiler and one set of 240 million Kcal thermal fluid heater from ZOZEN are shipped to beautiful Mauritius in April 2014, to serve for Consolidated Fabrics Limited., who is an international fabric supplier. These two boilers have been put into use in the summer, lets hear what the chief engineer is saying about them: Interviewer: Hello dear sir, how is the boiler has been running?

CFL:running stable, easy for operators, it is just what we have expected.

Interviewer: May I know why you decided to buy 2 boilers for 1 plant?

CFL:because we have some sections like hot pressing, they need high temperature as 240°C, and thermal fluid heater can reach very high temperature without considering the pressure, so we bought 1 set of steam boiler and 1 set of thermal fluid heater.

Interviewer: but why don’t you use 1 set of high temperature steam boiler, to save the cost of thermal fluid heater?

CFL: in traditional way we do it that way, but 2.5mpa boiler outlet temp. is 225-degree C, when it reaches where needs it, it is 200-degree C, so sometimes the quality can not be guaranteed. So thermal fluid heater is more reliable.

Zozen steam boiler in Africa

Interviewer: but is this combination cost is too higher than 1 set of steam boiler?

CFL: Actually, not so much higher., because if we choose 1 set 2.5Mpa steam boiler, even without considering the temperature can reach the requirement, this boiler is still very expensive because the big pressure require thick wall and high standard of manufacturing, the piping, valves and our process machines also need high pressure resistance, so the whole system is very expensive. Also operating cost is very high, since it outputs high temp. and high pressure steam, also thermal lost of steam boiler is double of thermal fluid heater.

Interviewer: then how did you find this combination for your plant?

CFL:yes, thermal fluid heater+steam boiler is commonly used in textile plants, we visited ZOZEN’s customer, many big companies are doing this way.


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