ZOZEN is forging new gas-fired boilers for new times

Abstract:Being the industry benchmark, ZOZEN is forging new gas-fired boilers for new times. Gas-fired boilers with high performance in environmental protection have a steady growth in sales in recent years.

with the increasing market maintenance, the consumer demand is becoming more and more refined. With its own strong comprehensive strength, especially the excellent performance in boiler R&D, manufacture and after sale service, ZOZEN has always been in the forefront of the boiler industry regardless of changes in market requirement.

ZOZEN 30 tph SZS gas-fired boiler for food industry in Thailand

As the competitive products of ZOZEN in the recent two years, ZOZEN condensing gas-fired boilers sell well and are well recognized in both domestic and overseas markets, which have been the benchmark of environment friendly boilers. ZOZEN is further expanding the product range of gas-fired boilers as launching ZOZEN condensing gas-fired boilers as the competitive products. ZOZEN condensing gas-fired boilers consist of two series; they are WNS series gas-fired fire tube boilers and SZS series gas-fired water tube boilers, up to several dozens of various models. The technical parameters of ZOZEN gas-fired boilers can achieve 1-110 tph rated evaporation and 0.7-116MW rated thermal capacity, which will meet the requirements of all walks of life. ZOZEN has made a lot of effort to the boiler control system and security interlock protection. The modularized program function and over 20 kinds of interlock alarm devices not only improve operational reliability but also decrease the operating difficulty of boiler operators. The outstanding safety performance has been the strong market competitive advantage of ZOZEN boilers.Nowadays, ZOZEN is doing a solid job of ensuring the boiler security as well as insisting on continuous innovation on expanding the application scope of energy saving and environmental protection technology of gas-fired boilers, fueling the green development of different kinds of industries.

ZOZEN is forging new gas-fired boilers for new times

ZOZEN gas-fired boilers are exported to Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and Spain, and have been well recognized by many international famous enterprises with their characteristics of high efficiency and ultra-low NOx emission.ZOZEN has proved its competitive advantage with its high product quality. In the future, ZOZEN will spend more time and energy on the innovation of gas-fired boilers, and capture more market share.


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