Zozen coal fired steam boiler export Vietnam

Abstract: The 10 ton steam coal fired boiler is used in Vietnam's fast drying fabric factory.

Textile industry leading enterprise-Shenzhou International opened its Polyester fabric plant in Vietnam in October 2017, they are an old customer of ZOZEN boilers, and still, they chose ZOZEN boilers for Vietnam plant, till now Shenzhou Textile has purchased 7 sets of boilers from ZOZEN.

Why chose ZOZEN coal-fired steam boiler? In textile industry, fabric production needs big amount of steam in pressing and other sections. ZOZEN coal-fired boiler has highest thermal efficiency which can reach 82-84%. In textile, ZOZEN boiler covered 50% of textile market, we have rich references. This project is exported to Vietnam, ZOZEN package boiler is convenient for installation and easy to operate, which saved a lot energy for customer. In textile and fabric production plant, ZOZEN package coal-fired boiler is hit product which is very popular among customers.

Zozen coal fired steam boiler export Vietnam


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