ZOZEN Boiler For Sale South Africa

Abstract: Zozen's senior engineer went in person to South Africa for professional trainings & guidance.

The technical personnel of ZOZEN BOILERS are not only skillful, but also have a strong sense of responsibility. In 2013, a food manufacturing company in South Africa needs a lot of steam for enzyme deactivation and sterilization during the manufacturing process of oatmeal, which will also make the oats soft and easy to press. The company chose a 4t/h and 6t/h condensing gas fired steam boilers. To keep the boilers running at maximum efficiency, ZOZEN's senior engineer with 30 years of experience flew to South Africa with his team, making professional installation guidance and maintenance training. Therefore, this food manufacturing company was put into production earlier than expected. Young engineers also had learned from this practice so that the professionalism of the whole team had been enhanced.

ZOZEN Boiler For Sale South Africa


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