Zozen boiler Bulgaria for CE certification

Abstract: The success of Bulgarian boiler CE certification opens the door to the European market. July in 2008, the research and development department of Zozen Boiler Co., Ltd. sent a good news. The DZL series boilers sent to Bulgaria by the company and the WNS series of condensing gas-fired boilers sent to Poland all passed the CE certification.

This is another important achievement of Zozen Boiler after passing the ASME certification in terms of product quality certification. Since the DZL series boilers are listed in Europe, they must pass CE certification. This certification also means that our DZL series boilers can be legally sold in the European market, which indicating that it has always opened its doors to Zozen with a strict and well-known European market.

Since its inception, our company has always regarded quality as the foundation for the survival of an enterprise. We have paid great attention to the establishment and improvement of the enterprise quality system and strived to improve the safety and reliability of our products. Companies from product design to organizational production, from parts procurement to product sales, from installation and commissioning to after-sales service, are all under a set of scientific and strict quality assurance system. The quality objectives that we want to achieve are: to provide safe, effective and reliable products, loyal service to users, and to allow users to be satisfied forever. This CE certification has laid a solid foundation for our DZL series boilers and WNS series boilers to enter the global market!

Zozen boiler Bulgaria for CE certification

The 4t/h DZL boiler sent to Bulgaria was well received by customers. DZL series quick-loading boilers are horizontal three-pass firepower pipe chain grate boilers, burning medium-quality bituminous coal and anthracite. The boiler body is longitudinally arranged with a single drum. The threaded tobacco pipes are arranged in the drum to form a convection heating surface, and the drum and the water cooling walls on both sides constitute the radiation heating surface of the furnace. The combustion equipment uses light chain grate; The electric control realizes stepless speed regulation of the grate, limit parameter alarm and interlock protection. The characteristics of the boiler are: compact structure, simple size, and low investment in infrastructure investment; addition of coal and mechanization of slag tapping; boiler output is sufficient and efficiency is high. It is a popular heating equipment for the heating of production steam and the people’s life in the majority of small and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises.


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