ZOZEN boiler boosts boiler coal to gas

Abstract: Zozen Boiler follows the trend of environmental protection in China and assists boiler coal gas reform.

In 2015, many regions issued hard targets for energy conservation and emission reduction. Coal-fired boilers have become key targets for transformation, and natural gas has become one of the major alternative energy sources for coal.

Policy helps "coal to gas"

The "Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution" promulgated by the State Council in September 2013 clearly proposed the acceleration of natural gas transformation for coal-fired boilers, kilns, and self-provided coal-fired power stations. In order to increase the proportion of natural gas consumption, the plan proposes measures such as increasing the supply of natural gas, developing supporting pipeline networks and gas storage facilities. By 2015 and 2017, the national natural gas supply capacity will reach 250 billion cubic meters and 330 billion cubic meters respectively.

The "2014-2015 Action Plan for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction and Low Carbon Development Action Plan" clearly laid out the task of eliminating coal-fired boilers from 2014 to 2015 in all regions, and the country plans to phase out 200,000 steam tons of coal-fired boilers. In terms of sub-regions, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the Yangtze River Delta region are key areas for the elimination of coal-fired boilers. Take Tianjin as an example. In March 2015, Tianjin issued relevant documents. All the heating boilers in the Tianjin downtown area were changed to gas, and coal was no longer burned. In 2015, all the coal was changed during the year. In addition, 60% of Tianjin’s coal was burned this year. The power plant must meet the standards for burning gas, and in April this year, it shut down the Chentangzhuang Power Plant in Tianjin.

ZOZEN boiler boosts boiler coal to gas

Zozen followed the pace of the policy and completed hundreds of boilers "coal to gas"

The reason why Zozem Boiler stands out from the environment is not only the brand reputation of Zozen boilers in the industry, but also the fact that Zozen boiler quality can easily meet demanding environmental protection requirements, and the spirit of Zozen diligent and diligent staff.

Zozen boiler adopts WNS type water tube boiler, “D” arrangement structure, full-membrane wall structure, micro-positive pressure chamber combustion, fully adapt to city coal gas, natural gas and other fuels, complete combustion, less smoke pollution, thermal efficiency up to 95% Above, the loss of thermal energy is minimized. At the same time, in terms of safety, multiple safety protections such as pressure controllers, pressure transmitters, water level alarms, extremely low water level alarms, safety valves, and furnace explosion-proof doors are also used to ensure reliable product operation.

Once the reconstruction project is received, no matter how short the construction time is, the task is more difficult. The production line staff will rationally arrange the production process, work hard, and ensure delivery of the project within the contract time.

Since Zozen boiler has good quality, fast service and good attitude, once the boiler coal gas conversion project will be linked to Zozen at the first time. Zozen also completed the reform of coal-to-gas reform for hundreds of boilers. The technology in this area is beyond doubt.


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