Water tube boiler for sale

Composition of water tube boiler

The boiler shell use aluminium silicate board for heat preservation, the thickness of board is 8cm, high thermal shielding efficiency but low heat loss, to increase the boiler.

The spirally corrugated tube strengthen the disturbance of flue gas,high heat transfer efficiency.

The boiler adopts the fully automatic low nitrogen burner and flue gas recirculation system (FGR) technology. The fuel is fully burned, and the NOx emission can be reduced to below 30mg/m³.

Adopts double drums and "D" type structure, good flame fullness degree, boiler could absorb the thermal expansion effectively, and the large radiant heationg surface could ensure the high thermal efficiency.

Membrane wall structure is used for furnace water wall and convection pass, good leak-proofness, low air leakage, decrease the heat losing of exhaust gas, improve boiler thermal efficiency.

water tube boiler faq

Is there still a sewage discharge at the initial stage of the water tube boiler ignition?

need. The water pipe boiler discharges at the initial stage of ignition, and discharges part of the water at the bottom of the circulation circuit, which not only allows the impurities to be discharged, but also ensures the quality of the water of the boiler; it can also strengthen the heat exchange capacity of the partially heated heat cycle and prevent the local water circulation from stagnating.

Does the water tube boiler have to be operated at constant pressure during operation?

Yes. The water tube boiler adopts constant pressure operation, which can improve the cycle heat efficiency of the unit. If the steam pressure changes, it will reduce the steam drop in the steam turbine, increase the demand for fuel from the output medium (steam or hot water), and increase fuel consumption.

Water tube boiler for sale

The water tube boiler refers to an industrial boiler in which a combustion chamber and a heating surface are arranged outside the drum, water is heated in the tube, and high temperature gas flows outside the tube for radiation heat exchange. ZOZEN Boiler's water tube boilers are all SZS series, with a “D” arrangement to ensure good water circulation.


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