Water pipe gas fired boiler for australian market

Abstract:Innovative water pipe gas fired boiler helps zozen enter australian market.

Nowadays, technological innovation is the fundamental driving force of the development for every enterprise. ZOZEN is well aware of the trend so that they make the technological innovation based on the need of other countries.

In 2011, one of the famous companies in Australia needed a special water pipe gas fired boiler, which should conform to both ASME and AS. In combination with the actual situation, ZOZEN's experienced engineers had changed the traditional structure of water pipe gas fired boiler: the arrangement and location of the tube socket, the angle that the furnace tube entering the upper drum and display modes of water level.

This innovative water pipe gas fired boiler was customized for Australian customers, which helped open the door to the Australian market. And so far, ZOZEN has cooperated with more than 20 companies in Australia.

Water pipe gas fired boiler for australian market


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