Hot water boiler for sale

Abstract:The hot water boiler produced by ZOZEN can be used in various fields, central heating, greenhouse heating, industrial hot water supply, and domestic hot water supply.

Oil and gas hot water boiler


Capacity: 0.7-58MW


There are mainly wns series fire tube boilers and szs series oil and gas water tube boilers. The boiler adopts high-efficiency combustion technology and environmental protection technology. The boiler thermal efficiency is up to 98%, SOx≤5mg, NOx ≤30mg


Biomass hot water boiler


 Capacity: 2.8-168MW


More and more customers are beginning to use clean and energy-saving biomass boilers. The biomass boilers produced by ZOZEN have fast-assembling boilers and bulk boilers. Like DHL series angle tube biomass boilers and fluidized bed hot water boilers, they are widely used in heating systems in cities and enterprises.

Coal-fired hot water boiler


Capacity: 2.8-168MW


Coal-fired boilers are still the core equipment for urban central heating. The fluidized bed hot water boiler produced by ZOZEN is widely used in the heating system of heating enterprises and heating companies in cities and enterprises. It can burn low-calorific fuels such as anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite and coal gangue, and the environmental protection and energy saving effect is remarkable. With a wide range of load regulation, it is the first choice for urban central heating.

Hot water boiler for sale

Hot water boilers, also called hydronic boilers, supply energy for a variety of facility operations. They are most commonly used in heating for urban central, large residential areas, large factories and mining enterprises, the breeding industry and fruit and vegetable greenhouses, etc. Furthermore, hot water boilers can also supply water for hospital, hotel or many other places.


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