gas boiler electric motor does not turn

gas boiler electric motor does not turn


Why does the gas boiler is powered on, but motor does not turn after pressing start button?

(Question details) specific performance:

The gas boiler is powered on, press start, the motor does not turn


Fault reason:

1. Insufficient pneumatic locking

2. The solenoid valve is not sealing, and there is air leakage at the joint. Check the lock

3. The thermal relay is open

4. At least one of the conditional circuits is not valid (water level, pressure, temperature and to check whether the program controller is energized to start)


1. Adjust the air pressure to the requested value

2. Clean or repair solenoid valve pipe joint

3. Check whether the component is damaged and motor current by reset

4. Check whether the water level, pressure and temperature exceed the limit

ZOZEN gas-fired boiler adopts automatic control to control the operation, combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure. In case of such problems, the system will automatically prompt the error code.

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