YY(Q)W thermal fluid heater for chemical Singapore

YY(Q)W thermal fluid heater for chemical Singapore

Project boiler medium:thermal fluid heater
Purchased equipment:YY(Q)W-1400Q
Customer name:Singapore Highpoiymer Chemical Products Pte. Ltd
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Project Introduction:

Singapore Highpoiymer Chemical Products Pte. Ltd(SHCP)offers high quality unsaturated polyester resins for more than 50 countries worldwide. During manufacture, several raw materials needs to be heated to an accurate high temperature for reaction, and finally create resins. ZOZEN thermal fluid heater has unique advantage in chemical industry. It can reach high temperature under normal pressure; boiler construction cost is lower than steam boiler and safer. Also, oil transfer heat more stable, it guarantees product can reach accurate temperature, which make process more accurately running. This heater has compact body, it is transport as a whole body, easy to operate. After visiting and technical discussing, customer chose ZOZEN thermal fluid heater.

Customer Feedbacks:

ZOZEN thermal fluid heater is very suitable for our product, it adopts coil for heating instead of electrical heating, temperature rising speed is faster, manufacturing period is shorter. Temperature is accurately reached and guaranteed product quality. This heater has good cost performance. ZOZEN is one of few suppliers who can manufacture both steam boiler and thermal fluid heater, their quality and boiler background makes us confident. Our heater has been running well, it offers us strong support for our production line.

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