15t/h coal fired steam boiler in Pakistan

15t/h coal fired steam boiler in Pakistan

Project boiler medium:steam boiler
Purchased equipment:15t/h coal-fired boiler ,pressure 1.25Mpa
Customer name:FEROEE1888 MILLS LIMITED
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Project Description:

FEROEE1888 MILLS LIMITED is the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Specialized Yarn & Textile Terry Products in Pakistan. Starting the journey in early 1970s, Feroze1888 has progressed consistently & today it enjoys an eminent presence among all the local competitors. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, it has advanced integrated towel manufacturing facilities. The FML’s High-energy-consuming processes such as washing, dyeing, printing and post-finishing all need to be carried out at high temperatures. Steam boilers are an indispensable source of heat in the process. Since the company's previous related equipment has not reached the ever-expanding production demand, the 15t/h coal-fired steam boiler produced by our company has been introduced. Zozen Coal-fired steam boilers, has many advantages such as low investment, high output and high heat utilization rate, which have saved FML companies much operating costs and improved the company’s corporate profits.

Customer Feedback:

Many of FML's production processes require heat energy. To tell the truth, we have difficulty in selecting boilers. Fortunately, we have met Zozen Boiler that specialize in the boiler industry! The coal-fired steam boiler we purchased at Zozen Boiler has the characteristics of high temperature, safety, high efficiency, and energy saving, and it really helps us save a lot of costs.

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