25t/h coal-fired steam boiler for Textile Industry

25t/h coal-fired steam boiler for Textile Industry

Project boiler medium:steam boiler
Purchased equipment:25t/h coal-fired steam boiler, pressure 1.25Mpa
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Project Description:

YUNUS TEXTILE MILLS LIMTTED(YTM)established textile trading company from 1962. So far, the company’s annual output can reach 100million meters, is largest home textile exporter in Pakistan. YTM purchased a 25t/h coal-fired steam boiler at Zozen Boiler to meet its own production needs, the boiler is controlled automatically, and expands the output of textile products. Through strict filter and comparison of several boiler plants, YTM found that the pipes of Zozen Boiler are all welded with automatic argon arc welding. At the same time, 100% ray inspection of the welds is performed to improve the manual operation environment and ensure the welding quality of the products. After using the boiler of Zozen for a period of time, YTM found that Zozen boiler can greatly reduce fuel consumption, reduce the input cost of enterprises, and ensure safe and reliable production.

Customer Feedback:

In order to expand production, the YTM principal search and compare on the internet, find that Zozen Boiler owns a Class A boiler manufacturing license, ASME standards permit, its annual output are more than 12,000t/h. So we choose to cooperate with Zozen Boiler finally.

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