6tph coal-fired steam boiler for food plants

6tph coal-fired steam boiler for food plants

Project boiler medium:steam boiler
Purchased equipment:6tph coal-fired steam boiler, pressure 1.25MPa
Location:Nakornpathom, Thailand.
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Project Introduction:

THAITOYO GLUCOSE CO., LTD is a sweetener manufacturer with cassava starch as raw material, its products are glucose, fructose and maltose etc. from raw material grinding, to starch slurry’s liquification, scarification, and each product evaporation, they all need steam, also food industry has high requirements for sanitation, steam is used a lot for disinfection and sterilization. Food plants are usually running 24 hours, once it is stop, it will need a lot of disinfection and sterilization. After visiting and comparing, THAITOYO GLUCOSE CO.,LTD chose ZOZEN SZL type coal-fired steam boiler. SZL series boilers are very suitable for small-middle size grain processing plant, it is package boiler, assembled in ZOZEN workshop, so it is very easy to install onsite and for operating.

Customer Feedbacks:

steam is necessary for our grain processing industry, for our company, we need a compact, stable and good cost performance boiler, ZOZEN perfectly meet our desire, we feel this boiler is customized for grain processing industry.

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