Biomass-fired boiler for Rubber and plastic products Thailand

Biomass-fired boiler for Rubber and plastic products Thailand

Project boiler medium:Biomass-fired boiler (wood)
Purchased equipment:2 sets of SZL20-2.45-Mpa
Customer name:SENTURY Tyre (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
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Project Introduction:

During tyres manufacture, Rubber and vulcanization are necessary processes, and vulcanization will use high temperature steam. So tyre manufacturers usually build their own boiler or share other company’s boiler. SENTURY Tyre (Thailand) Co.,Ltd concerned the request of manufacture, and compared by many aspects, chose ZOZEN SZL Boiler because of both combustion efficiency and energy conservation performance have more advantages than other suppliers. Meanwhile ZOZEN technical team designed gearbox with rational rotary speed by their combustion rate, also built different numbers separate wind barn as per different capacities to guarantee sufficient combustion of the fuel. SENTURY Tyre eventually bought two sets 20tph biomass boilers.

Customer Feedbacks:

During tyres manufacture, vulcanization will use a large amount of high temperature steam. So when we consider mostly the boilers combustion efficiency besides of emission requirement.

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