20 tons SZS condensing gas steam boiler project

20 tons SZS condensing gas steam boiler project

Project boiler medium:steam
Purchased equipment:SZS20-1.25-Q
Location:Xinyang, Henan
Customer name:Henan Tongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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Project Introduction:

Steam boiler is an indispensable equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. It provides a large amount of steam in the process of concentration, sterilization and drying. Henan Tongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Furen Pharmaceutical Group, which was founded in 1962. At present, the company has 8 production workshops, producing 123 varieties of injection, oral solution, drops, mixture, syrup, ointment and other 14 dosage forms. In order to meet the increasingly stringent new regulations for NOx emission, Tongyuan Pharmaceutical Company plans to introduce a low-nitrogen gas-fired boiler. Based on the successful cooperation between ZOZEN Boiler and Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Company, another subsidiary company of Furen Pharmaceutical Group, the products and services provided by ZOZEN Boiler have been highly praised by Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Company. ZOZEN Boiler is also selected as its boiler supplier by the homologous pharmaceutical company. The sales manager of ZOZEN Boiler recommended 20 t/h SZS series Gas Fired Steam Boiler (SZS20-1.25-Q) after knowing its actual working condition.

This gas-fired boiler adopts full-film wall D-type structure with good sealing and large radiation heating area, and with the use of ultra-low nitrogen burner, the emission of NOx can be as low as 30mg/Nm3. This gas-fired boiler not only meets the needs of the production line of homologous pharmaceuticals, but also meets the strict environmental protection regulations of the state.

Customer Feedback

This cooperation with ZOZEN Boiler is really unforgettable. ZOZEN Boiler not only provides us with high quality steam boilers, but also provides us with efficient services. From the beginning of installation to the final successful operation, we have special guidance and help, which has solved many problems for us.

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